I.D. Theft - Four Suggestions

By Shawne M. Patrick

Many individuals think that identity theft isn't going to happen to them. Sadly, it is very probable that it will happen to you at least once in your lifetime. In this era with so many forms of identification available, there are pretty much as many forms of identity theft that may leave you a victim.

While you can't fully prevent ID theft, here are 4 ways in which you can help stop it from happening to you, as well as protect yourself from credit fraud.

First, keeping a tight watch on your bank records can help you stop ID theft. When you maintain a record of the statements you receive in the mail every month, you can be sure they are not being nicked in transit. Plus, you will be able to check to be certain that no irregular spending has been charged to your account.

2nd, you should also limit the quantity of information that is written on your checks. And, when you pay your debts, be certain you don't leave your checks in an unlocked mailbox that would be raided by burglars. Instead, wait until your postal carrier comes to supply and pick up your mail, then hand your mail to him/her immediately. Even better take it to the post office - or pay the corporations you conduct business with in person, or online thru their websites. You may make your payments online thru your bank if it offers online checking and bill payment.

3rd, always destroy anything you propose to dump that includes any personal information. Even though your youngster drew a pretty picture on the back of an important scrap of paper, you must rip it up before you lose it. Or, even better get in the practice of shredding everything you throw away - including digital data. Otherwise, you run the chance of people digging thru your trash, or other dumpsters, simply to get personal information they can use to commit ID theft.

Ultimately, always be conscious of the people around you. It's not relevant if you are at the office or in your local grocery. People may be glancing over your shoulder to have a look at your PIN and Visa card numbers. - 32534

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