How to Stay Safe From Identity Theft

By Paul Cameron

Do you think you are a special person? You may not, but an identity thief certainly does. These impostors would just love a chance to be you, for weeks, months or even years, and while they're at it, spend lots of money which actually doesn't belong to you. But in the eyes of a bank you would be responsible because the name being used is yours. So, knowing that, it's time to learn how to safeguard your name and other kinds of private information.

First, you should keep in mind that while there are more sophisticated ways for people to steal your identity these days, old-fashioned stealing still takes place. This is why you should always keep your credit cards and financial information in two separate places. Many people keep items like their PIN numbers and account numbers in their wallets next to the cards, and if your purse or wallet is ever stolen, the thief will have easy access to all your financial information. When all the numbers associated with your account are easy to obtain, identity thieves can simply pose as you to make purchases in person or online, and won't even have to open up new accounts. This may make it more difficult to stop identity theft, since the three credit bureaus may assume that the purchases that are being made on the card are yours, since you opened up the original account.

You can also stop identity theft by protecting yourself online. If you know someone who has been a victim of identity theft due to online banking, it was probably a result of phishing. Lots of people received fake emails from hackers that have obtained the logos or slogans of well-respected financial institutions, and will send out emails to people that may be members of these banks. In many cases, the emails will request that you give your personal information, so that your files or records can be updated, and since they look so real, lots of people are tricked by them. So, before you even open any emails that look like they are from your bank, you should check with your financial institution to find out exactly how a valid email should look so that you won't give your financial information to the wrong people.

You can also stop identity theft by changing your address as soon as you move to a new location. This rule goes for both your business and home, since identity thieves will use your old address to apply for credit cards or accounts, and if your records have not been updated, you may find that you have become responsible for accounts that don't belong to you.

If you happen to live in a rural area, and use one of those mailboxes with the red flags, it is strongly recommended you get all of your mail sent to a secure address i.e. a post office. A new technique used by identity thieves is "check washing" and what they do is look for any checks that have not been cashed yet, and then carefully replace the receiver's name with theirs. If you think your identity has been compromised, call the police and file a report. You will find them more sympathetic, and they will likely assign a fraud investigator to look at your case. - 32534

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Identity Theft Prevention - Simple Ways To Protect Your Information

By Jake M. Black

Identity theft prevention can be easily accomplished and you can effectively protect your personal and financial information. There are many avenues for individuals to obtain your personal information and with the popularity of the internet you must even more wary of providing personal information. Identity theft can damage your finances and make life very difficult for many years.

The main information that people look for is credit card information, debit card information, phone calling cards and your social security number. Identity theft can occur due to individuals going through your trash and accessing information online or through your computer.

A very important step for identity theft prevention is to destroy all of your personal documents before you throw them out. Tearing up or shredding your documents is a way of ensuring that no one can access your information.

You also need to make sure your mail is secure and you can use a locked mailbox, PO Box or just make sure your mail is collected quickly after delivery each day.

Your social security card should always be kept in a safe place that is fireproof and waterproof. A bank box and small safe are best. You only get one social security card and if someone should get yours then they can do almost anything in your name. You also want to eliminate a paper trail so try to stop getting receipts at ATMS or if you do have receipts make sure you destroy them.

Always keep your credit cards on you and don't let it out of your sight. If possible pay with cash when you can as any time you take your card out is the opportunity for someone to steal your number. Also make sure you know who is asking for your private and personal information. If someone calls from a bank make sure that their request is legitimate. If necessary you can contact the company yourself to ensure that they have requested that information.

You also want to keep track of your information by monitoring your credit report. You can receive a free credit report each year for free and you should look for suspicious information. You also should review your credit card statements each month and make sure you keep track of your purchases. - 32534

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How Important Is It To Have Protection From Identity Theft

By Benedict Perez

Protection from identity theft is really a must in this computer age. Just imagine how will you be able to take when you are confronted with huge bills on your credit cards from things you never have actually purchased? This is just one of the seemingly endless scenarios that you can possibly think of not having the right protection from the many fraudulent individuals now proliferating especially in the internet. Among these people are those tagged identity thieves.

Yes, you got it right. Identity thieves are no longer just a mere character in many of our old time favorite action or adventure movies. They are now for real and sad to say have been victimizing not only a handful but many innocent victims from around the globe.

These fraudulent individuals are preying on those who are enjoying the convenience of it also care less to have the right protection from identity theft. In fact different studies proved that identity theft is now one of the fast rising crimes in many parts of the United States and some other places in Europe as well. This is principally because of the fact that it is in those places where online transaction is being enjoyed by many.

Sad to say though that only a handful of the many companies and individuals offering to provide you with this kind of protection are often true to its claim. Having known this premise, I bet there is not much enough reason that you have to get for yourself the right protection from fraudulent individuals who are just waiting for their prey online.

And how do you think will you be able to do this? You sure can have the right protection by being extra cautious in dealing with companies or individuals offering it. If you decide to have the right protection from identity theft, get it only from those who are reliable and have the reputation for efficiency pertinent to this matter.

You also need to have time to look for it online where you will definitely find only the best of its kind and carefully browse for it in the internet. You surely can do this with all ease. Other than trusting your instinct, it pays to have friends who can vouch for the efficiency and reliability of providers of this kind of protection you wish to have for yourself.

Making sure that it will really work out for your advantage must also be a big deal. But one of the most essential things you need to think when trying to have the right kind of protection from identity theft is the reputation of the company or individual from which you shall get it. The price is also another thing.

You should not be caught off guarded and victimized by fraudulent people. Hopefully, the scenario laid out earlier should be more than enough cue for you to have this kind of protection. Therefore, it is recommended that you arm yourself with only the best protection from identity theft. - 32534

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Defend Yourself from Internet Identity Theft

By Paul Cameron

Identity theft is an issue that we all must take seriously. Huge numbers of folks become a victim to this crime day after day, and normally pay a high price for it. It involves stealing, misrepresenting or hijacking the identity of another individual.

Your personal computer is the most recent setting for identity theft to transpire. In fact, internet identity theft is a serious problem. An intelligent online identity thief can easily get all of your private data. He can use it to ruin your credit rating, which can take a long time to fix even if you are a victim of this crime.

Among the least difficult ways for somebody to get a huge amount of your data is when you replace your old computer. It's not unusual to simply unplug the old computer and dump it somewhere before disposing of it properly.

This is a very bad idea. That old computer has all of your passwords, bookmarks, emails, and internet history. Someone only has to take it home and plug it in to see what you have been doing, buying, and looking at.

The World Wide Web is an easy way to get access to a huge assortment of confidential information. Post-secondary students have a higher risk because their grades and private details are often available online for them to check. All it takes is somebody to figure out their password and they now have everything they need.

It isn't difficult to keep this from occurring. Use hard passwords. Do not use anything that's associated with you. No numbers, no names, nothing like that. Your password ought to be 8 to 10 characters in length, using both letters and numbers. This is very hard to figure out.

Monitoring your credit report is another smart way to protect against identity theft. Check it every two or three months for questionable activity. You want to make sure that there is no activity going on that you were not aware of.

Another tip is to be very cautious with your credit card information when internet shopping. Be careful where you shop, sticking to only several merchants that you trust. Be sure that the sites you buy from are secure and that they look after your privacy.

Moreover, take care when answering emails. Frequently, scammers will send you a bogus email that's attempting to obtain your private data illegally. The message might congratulate you on getting a job that you made an internet application for, or pose as some sort of financial institution as a way of obtaining your confidential details.

Even though you can't guarantee that you'll never be a victim of online identity theft, by following this useful advice you should feel a lot safer. - 32534

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Stop Cons, Scams And Thefts On Holidays Or Vacations

By Dorothy Yamich

Whenever you travel on commercial air flights, or by trains and buses, you have to go through either an airport, train station, or bus station. This can present problems for unsuspecting travelers who are on vacations or holidays, because these are the places where pickpockets and thieves love to operate. There are many things that you can do to avoid becoming a victim when traveling on vacation and holiday, most of which are common sense. Here are some travel tips that can help.

Do not wear jewelry or an expensive looking watch as that's an invitation to robbers.

Wear a money belt under you shirt or blouse to help foil pickpockets as well as muggers. It is a good idea to put your things in a Ziploc type bag and then put the bag in your money belt. The reason for this is that the money belt and the items in it will get soaked from your perspiration, especially in hot climates, and this will help keep them dry. Do not open your money belt in public to take out credit cards, cash, or traveler's checks.

Before leaving on a vacation or holiday, it may be worth it to sew a few pockets on the inside of your slacks, skirts, or underclothing where you can hide some spare cash when you are out and about for the day. If you are carrying traveler's checks, cash, or credit cards on your person, divide them up and put them in different pockets. That way if any pickpocket is successful, he or she won't get everything. It also makes sense to use a safety pin to make each pocket opening smaller so that a pickpocket will have difficulty pulling anything out of your pockets without you feeling it.

If a lot of children gather around you in the street and cause a commotion, you are probably being targeted by pickpockets who are using the children to divert your attention. If two of the locals engage in a yelling and shoving match near you, they may be a distraction for pickpockets. Another way to distract you is to have someone collapse in front of you. When you lean over to help them, the pickpocket will strike. A different variation involves two thieves working together, one gently dropping some ketchup, mustard, or ice cream on one of your shoulders and then distracting you by pointing to the mess and helping you wipe it off. The other pickpocket then will go into action.

Pickpockets love to target men with their wallets invitingly exposed in their back pockets, and obese people because they are less likely to feel their pockets being picked. You must always be especially vigilant in airports, train and bus stations and watch your luggage, laptop, and camera like a hawk as they can vanish in an instant. Keep in mind that pickpockets prefer tourists, especially when they are in crowds.

Be aware when you are wearing a backpack. A thief may slash the bottom of it, spilling the contents onto the street where he and his accomplices quickly pick up your possessions and run away in different directions.

Usually muggings happen at night and not in the bustling part of the city. If you are accosted by an armed robber, don't argue or resist. Give them what they want and be thankful you don't get hurt. What they take from you can always be replaced and just isn't worth risking your life over.

After we read Bob Arno's book on how people can avoid cons, thefts, and street scams, we felt that it would be a valuable book for anyone who goes on vacation, or travels for business, to also read. It is chuck full of information and photos that show you how many scams work. There is no limit as to what criminals can conspire to think of to rip-off and steal from unsuspecting tourists.

Bob is one of the world's foremost authorities on street crime, scams, and identity theft. If you are interested in learning more on how to protect yourself and your loved ones when on vacations and holidays as well as in your own city or town, you may want to read his book, "Travel Advisory! How to Avoid Thefts, Cons, and Street Scams While Traveling". It may be available at your local library.

He has been interviewed on CNN, MSNBC, ABC's 20/20, The Travel Channel, The Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, and has numerous articles written about him in USA Today, National Geographic Traveler, Fortune Magazine, Time Magazine, and The New York Times.

His book is full of humor, true stories, as well as many photos of pickpockets and street scam artists in action. In our opinion, his book is worth its weight in gold, and is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn how to protect themselves and their family when traveling, and even in their own home town. - 32534

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Identity Theft And What You Can Do About It

By Gerrad Mills

The statistical data of ID theft became so high that most people either know somebody who has had his identity robbed or have experienced it themselves. It's a appalling thing to go through and a big mess to try and get cleaned up. It can mean hours of work, calls, court cases, and plenty of bother that no-one wants to deal with. It can be something that will haunt you for years each time you try to purchase anything on credit. There are ways to protect yourself, and indeed all method of protection should be exhausted to keep your identity safe.

First, it is now against the law for corporations to print your Visa card number on your bill. This incorporates the invoice they keep. They no longer need your number. When they process it, they are given a transaction code which will reference the transaction with your Mastercard number. It doesn't have to be on either copy of the invoice. Sometimes folk will look at you funny, but I'm making a habit of checking for the number before signing the slip. Then, if they have it printed I doodle it out and then sign and hand it back to them. This is for your protection. It doesn't mean that you forecast the clerk to rob you, and they should not take it personally. What if somebody were to break into their store and steal credit card receipts? That person would have tons of information needed to thieve identities. So, cross that number out and make it illegible!

Another way to protect yourself is by checking your Visa card statements. Compare them to your invoices and make sure everything adds up. This is the best way to find out if somebody is using your card-you'll be able to find it out quicker this way and reduce the amount of damage done.

Next, keep your ATM card with you at every point. Don't let folks take it. If you hand it over to make a payment, keep your eye on it. Confirm they don't take it to a back room or somewhere out of sight. Keep your wallet open and ready to remind you to get the card back right away after the exchange is complete. Don't permit yourself to feel rushed and finish up leaving your card behind.

Last, don't reply to email phishing scams. No-one should be asking you for your ATM card, Social Security ID, or other information by e-mail. Corporations should not operate this way, and it's generally an elaborate trick by someone who is not affiliated with your bank in the slightest. They are just making an attempt to trick people into giving out personal information so they can thieve identities.

These are just a few ideas to keep in mind to keep your identity safe. I. D. theft has become so common that it's important to take each measure to keep your info safe. Do all that you can to avoid having this happen to you and if it does, attempt to catch it early to avoid a large amount of damage. - 32534

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The Truth About Services Offering Protection Against Identity Theft

By Lakiesha Lehman

Someone stole my brother's identity ten years ago. In a week, he was hit with four $300 charges, and the bank wasn't too happy with him. After a few days they finally sided with him and cancelled those charges from ravaging his credit and gave him new bank account information.

The horrifying thing about the whole experience was just knowing that there was someone out there claiming to be my brother, armed with just enough personal and financial data to get into big trouble.

Thankfully, my brother was able to get beyond those problems, even though his credit still gets bothered by fraudulent charges every now and then. Luck was with him.

Losing your identity is one of the scariest things about being an interconnected, Internet based society. It's awful to lose piles of money and end up spending hours of frustrating phone calls trying to halt payment on inane purchases you never even bought. Businesses have stepped up to help protect the frightened people, and they are taking advantage of the fear to score serious cash. For a fee, you too can join in on the madness.

No Tracking

Protection against identity theft is not customer friendly; there is no possible way for customers to see how effective these service providers really are, or if they are improving computer security at all.

Most companies center their efforts around checking your credit score regularly so no charges can slip past you without you being aware of its presence. There's nothing complicated about reading your credit report -- you could do it too, for much cheaper, I might add. So, not counting this, what exactly do these businesses do?

There is no good answer to this question, which bothers every consumer who dares to pay these businesses money for theoretical security. Since there are no methods to tracking their actions, you have to accept everything they tell you as fact. The only way to measure their success is to consider if your identity has been stolen since you began working with them. If not, then it stands to reason that the new security must have paid off, right?

Well, not really. You'll never really know.

Featureless Services

Protection against identity theft can bear prices both high and low, though neither type has its services explained completely. Now, consider this: almost everything these companies offer to do for you, you can do even better, for less cash. Why let someone else do it when it's just within your reach. If you have some spare time to devote to keeping tabs on your credit report, you can do just as well.

Protection against identity theft is crucial to maintaining your financial security, but throwing money at strangers to read your credit report just doesn't make sense in the long run. - 32534

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Basic Identity Theft Information

By Harvey Warmuth

According to the FBI, identity theft is continuously increasing. It is important to be aware of the dangers in this crime because it can hurt your credit and cost you a lot of money. It is important to be aware that you can get identity theft protection.

Anyone can be a victim of identity theft and there are a number of things you can be aware of to protect yourself. Some things you should know include how thieves get your information, how they use it, and what warning signs should be noticed.

Your trash, mail, emails, and even your accounts are at risk of identity theft. Organizations that you deal with have information that can put you at risk and will need to be protected. These businesses include your cell phone company, gas, and electric companies. However, other organizations may need to protect your information as well.

Thieves are able to use your personal information to get themselves cell phones or even credit cards that are billed to you. Without your awareness, thieves steal your information and take out loans that you will have to pay back.

You should protect yourself by carefully evaluating changes, including strange bills or debts. For example, if you find that you are missing your bills for the month or even not getting mail for days in a row, you should react immediately to know for sure that you are not a target for identity theft.

There are protections, rules, and regulations that are designed to protect you from identity theft. These are regulations the FTC has developed that all organizations must follow. There are even fines that organizations can receive if they do not follow these rules and regulations.

Warning signs and protection methods are the best ways to prevent identity theft. It is also important to find identity theft protection that will assist you in protecting your important information, including your name and your identity. - 32534

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Buyer Beware of Unsolicited Calls from Phony Debt Collector

By Tim McBride

The Better Business Bureau has reported a massive increase in telephone calls from phony debt collectors, people or companies calling unsuspecting consumers claiming to be a collection agency and millions of people fall victim to identity theft every year.

According to the website, there has been a surge in consumers reporting harassing calls from companies like NCO Financial Systems which call repeatedly throughout the day requesting personal information about friends and family members. It is unclear if these calls are legitimate or not, but experts warn to ensure the legitimacy of the caller before surrendering any personal information. Consumers have reported telephone calls from literally hundreds of other purported debt collection organizations, many of which have a poor rating with the BBB or simply do not exist and are front companies for scam artists to commit fraud.

If you receive a call from a company claiming to be a debt collector, be sure to do your research about the company to confirm that they are a legitimate debt collection company. You can visit any number of internet websites and search by the telephone number that called you to learn more about the caller before you give out any information.

Do not give out any financial information or other personal information. This may seem obvious to many, but you would be surprised how convincing some of these callers can be. For instance many callers claim to be your bank and can easily sound like they are legitimate when in fact they are not.

Never send money via wire transfers or make any other payment based solely upon a telephone solicitations, this is a common scam that millions of people fall victim to each year.

Don't fall victim to identity theft, do your homework the next time you get a suspicious telephone call make sure that you know whose calling you before you provide any personal details, financial information or other personal information that can be used to steal your identity. - 32534

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Personal Data Protection And What It Means In The US

By Frank Sanders

The US and how it views personal data protection -- and whether or not such protective measures as are instituted are vigorous enough -- should serve to give pause to many people in the country as far as it concerns personal data and how it is used or collected. It might surprise people, but much personal data is available to just about anyone who wants it.

At present, data privacy is neither assured nor very well legislated or regulated in the US. There are, in fact, a great many people or organizations that can require or use or obtain a credit report when a person goes to apply for a job or purchase an automobile or the like. Also, the US has no single controlling authority when it comes to regulating data collection or usage.

When it comes to the use, storage or acquisition of personal data, the weaknesses in the system can greatly affect how secure it is. This should serve to give pause when one realizes that anybody who takes the time to enter in data that has been collected on someone is considered to be the owner of that data even if they never took the time to obtain permission to to gather it.

It is also the case that the existing laws -- such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act -- actually are structured more along the lines of taking steps to ensure the smooth flow of personal data that was collected rather than the institution of vigorous protective mechanisms to make sure the data that was collected is sufficiently protected from theft or unauthorized usage.

And even though the United States Supreme Court recognized in a landmark decision that there existed within the Constitution and Bill of Rights a defined right to privacy is also the case that only a few states actually recognize an individual right to privacy. The lone exception seems to be California, which values individual privacy ahead of much of anything else.

When it comes to items that can be utilized to protect the privacy of personal data that is going to end up in information systems, there are a number of effective tools that can be utilized. Collectively, they are known as "privacy enhancing technologies, " or PET. They generally consist of computer tools, mechanisms or applications that can be applied to safeguard online privacy.

A few examples of such enhancing technologies are mechanisms that can generate random IP addresses and disposable e-mail addresses along with what are called anonymizers. These tools help wash a person's identity through many different channels so that the end result is no reliable identity can be established while a person is online.

As far as the implications for personal data protection in the United States, it should serve as a reminder that as increasing numbers of people begin making use of online mechanisms and other tools that exist in cyberspace in need will become greater than ever to ensure strong privacy exists. This includes strengthening laws that can work to help eliminate the possibility of personal data theft. - 32534

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Having The Best Yet Inexpensive Identity Theft Insurance

By Benedict Perez

Identity theft insurance now proliferate the market as the crimes pertinent to identity theft also arises especially in the United States and some parts of Europe. Having to ensure that it really works for the kind of lifestyle you have also made it a bit difficult for anyone to choose the right plan. You can now see difference id theft protection plans offered either by some banks and insurance companies. But the question is have you already figured out the right type of policy for you?

While others are already looking for the perfect identity theft insurance plan for the kind of budget they have, some others are still having the second thought of whether to have this kind of insurance of not. Aside from being given a wide array of choices for it, some people simply do not have any idea about this thing and how it works to protect them from being victimized by identity theft. It is often the dilemma hounding most people who do not know much what this kind of insurance policy can do for them.

One of the things you need to look out for before purchasing a policy it its efficiency and the reputation of the company from which you shall purchase it. These are really essential so you can make sure having only the best policy that is worth the money you shall spend for it. It would therefore help a lot to set some parameters in trying to choose only the best identity theft insurance.

You need to make sure purchasing identity theft insurance policy from reputable insurance companies. Choose those who have already proven its worth for quality service and products. This way you can be sure of having not only the right but also the best insurance policy for identity theft you deserve to have.

Other than being concern of your money's worth you also need to make sure the policy will really work out the way you want it to be. In simple term it should therefore serve its purpose. Just like any other things that you need to spend on, having to purchase this kind of insurance, you also need to ensure having your money's worth. No matter what it takes try to have the most efficient yet inexpensive identity theft insurance. - 32534

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USB Pocket Safes: A New Thumb Drive

By Frank Sanders

Many businesses and individuals work in different locations on a daily basis. This involves the use of different computers and the need to transport information to each computer that is being used. While using thumb drives has proved effective to meet this need there was no way to safely transport and use confidential information on thumb drives. Now USB pocket safes provide the convenience of a thumb drive with the security of a safe deposit box.

Among the many benefits of the USB pocket safe are their ability to safely protect confidential documents in sectioned folders and sub-folders. These drives look the same as a hard drive folder and are user friendly.

Having all of one's important papers in a single, easy to reach area makes a pocket safe very convenient. These drives can be used with any computer and are compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista Operating Systems. The materials that the pocket safe is made of are entirely recycled and provide a lightweight alternative to the many boxes that may currently hold a business' or individuals' records.

The idea of putting information and private information on a thumb drive can be very frightening until one learns that the USB pocket safes have been designed with extreme security in mind. The drives contains a military encrypted keypad which automatically locks when the drive is removed from a computer.

Besides locking automatically when removed from a computer the pocket safe also has other security features. If the wrong code is entered a specific number of times the drive will lock and is inaccessible for a period of time. This gives the owner an opportunity to retrieve the drive without worrying about someone accessing information.

The keypad and locking mechanism is powered by a lithium-ion battery which alerts the user when it needs to be replaced so that no information is lost. In addition the USB pocket safes come with an on line back-up system that safely protects the valuable documents that are contained in the drive.

There are occasions when thumb drives are lost and retrieved by strangers who do not return them. The USB pocket safes are equipped to hand this issue as well. When the individual who get the pocket safe tries to use it they will be blocked access by the automatic lock down system. If they try to pry the keypad or in any other way disturb the case of the drive all information will be automatically destroyed.

As an added convenience the USB pocket safes have a customized reminder system built in which can be set to alert the user of impending expiration dates. The reminder can be set for the day of expiration or for a few days before expiration. It can also be set to alert the user daily until the renewal has been completed.

USB pocket safes are built with the idea that they will be used on a regular basis by their owners. For that reason they are built of study materials that will withstand regular use and wear. The battery will alert the owner prior to requiring replacement so that there is no downtime of use.

An individual who may forget their pin code will find the pin replacement assistance option invaluable. This option will allow an individual the ability to contact the company and get a temporary pin number which can then be changed when they log onto their drive. - 32534

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Personal Data Protection to Protect Your Identity

By Frank Sanders

While the internet offers many great advantages, it also increases our need for personal data protection. Many organizations that collect personal data about us, have had breaches in their security that allows this data to be accessed by persons that have no business in knowing our personal data.

Even military records have had breaches of security that have allowed your personal data to fall into the hands of the wrong person. Banks, insurance companies and hospitals have all fallen prey to security breaches that allow your personal data to get into the hands of the wrong person.

Why is it so important that our personal data be protected? Identity theft is running rampant. Thousands of persons are having their identity stolen every month. Identity thieves can take your identity and open credit card accounts without your ever knowing what has happened. Suddenly, you start getting calls from bill collectors about an overdue account that you never opened.

You should do your best to protect your own personal data, both online and at home. The more you do to protect your identity, the less likely you are to have a problem.

Begin by protecting your social security number. This number should only be given to employers, banks and for taxation purposes. Other companies should use alternate forms of identification for you. It the doctor's office asks for a social security number ask why it is needed and if an alternate number can be used. Additionally, if you are still carrying your social security card in your wallet, remove it immediately and put it into a safe and secure place where you will be able to find it. Then if a wallet is lost or stolen, you will have this bit of personal information kept safe.

Stop having phone numbers and driver's license numbers printed on your check. Ten to fifteen years ago, it was common to print these numbers on the check because it was more convenient for writing checks. Today, it is a good way to help an identity thief to take your identity. It also makes it much easier for someone to take your checks and empty your bank account.

Buy a paper shredder and use it. Even junk mail and especially offers for credit cards or insurance should be shredded. If you are not going to use these applications, make sure that they are not usable for other persons.

Consider purchasing a locking mailbox. There are several models available that allow the postman to drop your mail into the box but require that a key be used to retrieve the mail. This is an excellent way to protect your identity from people that sometimes steal mail out of mailboxes just to get personal data about you.

When you go out of town, ask someone to collect your mail regularly. If there is no one to collect the mail, ask the post office to hold it for you. If you are unable to pick up your mail on a regular basis, consider renting a post office box where your mail will be securely locked away until you are able to pick it up. This will help to ensure that your mail is safe. - 32534

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Victims of Identity Theft

By June Lydon

By now, every adult should know that identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America. It has become an epidemic, leaving everyone at risk, including children, adults, the elderly, those with good credit, bad credit, or no credit. And, to make matters worse, most people do not know if their identity has been stolen. The biggest misconception is that identity theft only affects or involves your credit. If you, too, believe that identity theft only affects or involves your credit, then you might want to keep reading.

The best advice for prevention is always keeping safety pointers in mind wherever you go. You may opt to create a wall for privacy and protection by filtering what information to share, when to share it and to whom it can be trusted to. The fact is, you must not trust anyone with fragile information since thieves of identity theft can be anyone close to you.

One of the most effective ways to stop the loss of personal information is to shred all documents with your name or other identifying information on it. Documents you must shred include bank and credit card statements, pre-approved credit offers, receipts, utility bills, phone bills, etc. A good rule of thumb is this: if it has your name on it, don't throw it in the trash - shred it.

Many finance professionals suggest review of credit history every month. This is not required unless you feel that some information is missing. Another decent option is to check every 6 months. This lets you keep the fraud information at bay and at the same time correct the wrong information provided by creditors.

Some of the things that can be warning signs include if you find that you are not getting your mail. Particularly if you are not getting your bills, as these are the best things a thief can use to steal your information. Remember that suspicious emails should not be read and that you should watch for other information that should not be shared.

Analyze your credit report at least once a year for accuracy. Your credit report contains information about present and prior employers, your Social Security Number, all of your current and past credit accounts including and your general credit score. Report any inaccuracies to the credit reporting agency immediately. - 32534

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ID Protection Services Help Protect Your Identity

By Harvey Warmuth

It is a scary thought, but identity theft has reached an all time high. Many people have become the victims of this crime and it can be devastating. Identity theft protection companies offer many benefits and are a great defense against this crime.

There are several ways that these companies can help protect you. They keep a very close eye on your personal data and will notify you immediately if there are any changes. They will also watch for new credit applications and loan applications. It is comforting to know that they are watching out for you.

Most companies will offer full recovery and insurance. The insurance policies are usually 1 million dollars and this is a massive amount of protection. If someone makes fraudulent charges on any of your accounts, you may be able to recover the money fully. Of course, certain restrictions apply, so always check with each individual company before purchasing coverage.

Another unique feature that some identity theft companies offer is a lost wallet protection service. This will cover you if your wallet is lost or stolen. Lost wages are also covered by many companies. There are many features that can benefit you.

I expected these programs to be very expensive, but the truth is that they are extremely affordable. The average cost involved is less than ten dollars a month. This is a small price to pay for such a broad range of protection. The peace of mind alone is well worth it.

Since identity theft is on the rise, companies that offer this type of protection are a great choice. You can research them online to find more information. Compare what each plan has to offer and make an educated choice. Hopefully, you will never need their service, but you cannot be too careful. - 32534

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ID Theft Protection Solutions - Affordable Help Against Identity Theft

By Harvey Warmuth

Identity theft protection services are important to provide you with security from identity theft. You should know there are a number of ways to protect yourself from malicious thieves. Organizations can assist you with protecting your important information, and will provide you with valuable tips and tricks that can safeguard your information.

Identity theft protection services are designed to safeguard your information through a variety of means. However, you should be aware of special precautions you can also take to protect yourself. Additionally, you should be aware of the particular steps for protecting yourself.

Identity theft occurs when a person or group of people take your information and use it to benefit themselves. These people are not concerned for your needs; they prefer to use your information to get free things for themselves illegally.

A number of organizations have been developed to help protect you from identity theft. This includes the ability to safeguard your information by requiring specialty information that will increase the amount of information a person will need to pretend to be you. Additionally, the service can update you if any unusual activity has occurred with your credit information or personal information.

There are things you can do too that will help protect your identity, including shredding all personal papers and old bills. You can also avoid clicking on unknown links and avoid opening emails you do not recognize. Finally, you can also have your bills changed to e-bill format.

Passwords are also important to your protection. No passwords must include information such as your birthday, or even your address. Each password could be different, but it is important to remember that if the site is not important or is questionable you should not use your "usual" password. Finally, make sure your passwords use some combination of words and numbers.

Consider using an identity theft protection service to prevent thieves from stealing your identity. You can use a number of self-protection methods but you should also use a reliable service to keep yourself safe. Additionally, when you use a protection service you may able to monitor your credit. - 32534

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Things You Should Know About Identity Theft Protection

By Jake Black

With all of the Identity theft that is now happening, Identity theft protection is more important in today's society that what it has ever been. This is primarily because of the Internet. More people are using their personal information on the Internet to purchase items, join websites, register for this or for that, among so much more.

Everyone who does this is susceptible to Identity theft. Thieves can get a hold of your vital information and do all kinds of things with it. They can make purchases with your banking account information. The banks will assume that you are the one who made the purchases and go ahead and approve the debit transaction.

The thieves will steal your credit and debit card numbers as well. Just imagine what all they could do with that type of information. You'll be maxed to the limit with your credit card bills before you even realize.

People can also steal your social security number. With your social security number, they can do pretty much anything that they want. They can purchase homes, apply for new credit cards, and much more. It could potentially be a long time before you even realize that someone has done this with your vital and personal information.

You must consider Identity theft protection. They are many companies that have been created today in order to help people protect their information and their Identity. This Industry is growing with every passing day. You would be surprised at how many people have been affected by Identity theft, and you do not want to be the next one. If they get and keep your information, and you do not catch it for quite a while, imagine what would happen to your credit history and your credit score.

Identity theft protection is perfect for everyone. It is something that should be highly considered by everyone, including you. Don't forget about the rest of your family either. People can steal your children's information as well. They would be an adult before they would even learn about the extensive amount of damage that has been done to their credit history. Make sure that this doesn't happen to you or your kids.

Yes, there are some things that you can do yourself in the form of Identity theft protection. To learn about Identity theft protection look on the Internet. You can find plenty of relevant information on this subject. - 32534

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The Horrors of Medical Identity Theft

By Paul Cameron

Medical identity theft occurs all too often, yet it's among the least reported and investigated types of identity theft. It is also the most dangerous form of identity theft.

Medical identity theft is one of the least reported and investigated forms of identity theft, yet it occurs shockingly often. This is also among the most hazardous kinds of identity theft because of the risk of somebody else's medical records being utilized to care for another person. If the wrong medications are given subsequent to an accident it can have fatal consequences. It could even possibly result in you being given the wrong kind of blood during an emergency if the other individual's blood type is on record and doesn't match yours.

This could also preclude you from getting life saving medications as a result of the other person's medical records being mixed up with yours. They may have an allergy to the drugs or have a condition that keeps the hospital from providing it to you if it's required. This list of potential outcomes is long and none of them are acceptable.

Doctors may label you as a drug seeker due to the other person's medications being confused as yours. If this occurs it may affect your ability to obtain particular medicines or you could even lose your job and be investigated by the police. If you work in the medical field you might even lose your license to practice.

Insurance fraud is likely the most common reason individuals carry out medical identity theft. This permits them to use your insurance data to get medical care. Not only might the premiums of your insurance go up, but you could be billed with co-pays and even the services that were not covered by your insurance policy. Also if your insurance is limited then it might not be available in the event that you need to use it.

If you don't or can't pay hospital bills that someone else may have run up in your name then it can impact your credit score and you could even be sued for these bills. This can impact your ability to get a car or home loan and may in some cases impact your employment. This means you could become stuck paying for somebody else's healthcare bills and you could even have your wages garnished before you know what is taking place.

Your medical records are used to determine whether or not you qualify for certain government benefits such as disability or social security. If someone uses your records to obtain these benefits for themselves then you could lose the ability to acquire these benefits for you and your family should the need arise. You could also be held accountable for paying the government back if it's believed that you are drawing these benefits while holding down a job and not reporting the earnings from your job.

To prevent medical identity theft you must be very cautious about permitting anybody to have your confidential information, and always be familiar with what is in your records in case of an emergency. If you need help then there are identity theft insurance companies that will safeguard your identity for you and inform you of any significant changes.

Once someone has stolen your identity it can take years to put things back as they ought to be. You'll most likely incur legal expenses and also you have the additional responsibility of proving that you are the real person and not the one who took the identity. - 32534

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San Antonio Federal Lawyer: Why You Need One to Win Your Federal Case

By Jed Totus

If you find yourself facing charges in a federal court, you should immediately look for a San Antonio federal lawyer to increase your chances of being acquitted or winning your case. Apart from the judges that hand down harsher penalties, you should also know that it is much harder to win cases in federal courts. Even if there are many lawyers in the state of Texas, quite a number of them specialize in other fields, such as state law.

You should not expect all lawyers to master federal statues because state laws can be very different from federal laws in many areas. Much like doctors, lawyers also have their own specializations. To boost the chances of defendants in winning their cases in federal courts, a good San Antonio federal lawyer should be picked because he or she is well versed when it comes to the intricacies of federal statutes.

As mentioned earlier, federal courts tend to have harsher penalties than state courts. Thus, if you find yourself being charged in a federal court, you should seriously consider hiring San Antonio federal lawyer to represent you. Besides, someone who is well versed in federal law will help you know what possible penalties and jail terms you will be facing, even if you pleaded guilty or cooperate with authorities. There are some federal lawyers that will be able to accurately estimate sentence commutations even before a jury announces its decision.

No matter what type of case a defendant is facing in Texas, there is a chance that he will only be put under community supervision as his penalty. On the other hand, in federal cases, the least a defendant can receive if found guilty is a minimum mandatory sentence. So, it is imperative to win your case.

Also, did you know that in several counties in Texas, it is possible for defendants to offer a presentation to the jury in hopes of not being indicted? If you are eloquent and charismatic, you might not face indictment in state courts. In federal courts, this rarely happens. Only a lawyer can represent you in federal cases.

Let's face it. You have bigger chance of winning a federal case with the help of an expert lawyer, such as a San Antonio federal lawyer compared to having a state lawyer by your side. - 32534

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Tips for Preventing Identity Theft

By Paul Cameron

There are several ways in which you may become a victim of theft. You may be the victim of a multitude of crimes such as burglary, auto theft or vandalism. If you are ever a victim of any crime of this kind it can cause you to feel violated and unsafe. Identity theft is another sort of criminal enterprise that can have devastating outcomes for its victims. You need to be mindful of the different ways that your identity can be stolen and how to keep that from occurring if you want to stay secure and prevent identity theft.

Keeping unauthorized people from discovering your financial information is perhaps the most imperative part of preventing identity theft. These particulars will permit them to assume your identity for many fraudulent purposes. The information they try to get a hold of could range from credit card info to social security identification. After the crook obtains these details he will attempt to gain entry into your financial accounts. If they do obtain your PIN or password, that's of assistance to them, yet they can still do much damage without them.

Most of the time, if criminals obtain your credit card number, they'll utilize it to shop for high-priced items. If it's your social security number they have gotten, or another form of confidential identification, the criminal will open new credit cards and financial accounts in order to run up debt utilizing your name. They're undoubtedly not going to pay off these bills, and the financial institutions will end up knocking on your door to get their money back.

When it concerns your identity being stolen online, there are a few methods criminals use to obtain what they desire. They might hack into the records of online retailers and obtain the credit card particulars of their customers. Or your personal computer can be hacked and they steal your bank account information and passwords.

There are also identity theft operations known as phishing. If you ever receive an email from your credit card company or financial institution inquiring about PIN verification, password, or other sensitive information, you can be quite certain the email is a scam. These institutions won't ever inquire about this kind of information by way of email. And if you are fooled by this message and provide them access to the information that they asked for, every single one of your financial accounts is now in the hands of these criminals. Cases exist of thieves impersonating IRS agents in order to obtain access to somebody's sensitive information.

Keeping a close eye on any alerts and identity theft facts from your financial institutions is a good way to educate yourself about the latest scams that are floating around out there. If you search online you can also obtain the latest information on scams. You need to contact the proper authorities immediately if you think that any of your internet or other dealings have been the target of criminal activities. Tell your financial institution and ask them to put a fraud alert on your accounts. You must also call the FTC and your local police department. - 32534

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Get the Facts on Avoiding Identity Theft

By Paul Cameron

There are a few ways in which you may become a victim of theft. You may be the victim of any number of crimes such as burglary, auto theft or vandalism. If you are ever a victim of any crime of this sort it can cause you to feel violated and unsafe. Identity theft is another sort of criminal enterprise that can have devastating outcomes for its victims. To keep yourself safe, it is vital that you know the ways your identity can be taken, and the steps you have to take to prevent identity theft.

Keeping unauthorized individuals from discovering your financial information is maybe the most imperative part of preventing identity theft. Once they have this data, they can pretend to be you and commit fraud against you. The type of information they're looking for ranges from your social security number to your credit card number. As soon as the robber obtains this information they will attempt to access your credit card and banking accounts. They do not necessarily need to have your PIN number in order to cause a considerable amount of damage.

Normally, when crooks obtain your credit card info, they'll run up big charges on it. If they have stolen your social security number or other personally identifying data, the criminal will arrange for a new bank account and credit cards utilizing your name so that they can run up bills and loans. They are certainly not going to pay off these bills, and the financial institutions will end up knocking on your door to get their cash back.

Criminals have quite a range of tricks up their sleeves when they are participating in online identity theft. They may obtain credit card information by hacking into the databases of online shops. A robber can also access your personal computer if it's not adequately protected, which gives them access to a lot of information including your bank account and passwords.

Phishing is another identity theft scam. You can be quite certain that an email isn't legit if it says it's from your bank or credit card company asking you to validate your PIN. These institutions won't ever inquire about this type of information through email. And if you're fooled by this message and give them access to the information that they asked for, every single one of your financial accounts is now in the hands of these criminals. In some instances, criminals have gotten unauthorized financial data by pretending to be IRS agents.

Your financial institutions will send you reports about scams and other identity theft facts that they think you should know about, and these will let you know what types of schemes people are running. As well, the newest scam information can be obtained from an internet search. You should contact the proper authorities immediately if you believe that any of your online or other dealings have been the target of criminal activities. Get in touch with your bank and your other financial institutions and alert them that you may have been defrauded. You should also call the FTC and your local police department. - 32534

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Improve Your Credit Score, No Matter What Your Situation!

By Linda Seamore

Almost everyone can get their hands on some consumer credit; which is one of the main reasons people are falling more and more into debt. Accumulating thousands of dollars in debt is so easy, and has become all too commonplace.

Due to the fact that consumer debt is at an all-time high, more and more people want to be informed of helpful and trusted tips to rebuild credit history. Most of the time, when people hear the word "budget," they think of having to starve themselves and an almost non-existent social life. Lucky for you, having an effective plan for managing your debt and of course maintaining healthy personal credit and credit scores, by using certain types of credit cards, will definitely assist with meeting your financial goals.

These cards are useful, and are sometimes the only solution for some people, because they may have been denied bank accounts or regular credit cards. Because most families these days have both husband and wife working, in order to have two incomes, that leaves very little time to setup any budgets or search for tips on how to get a better credit score.

Your journey to financial freedom starts with YOU taking the first step. Let us begin first, by evaluating the positives and negatives of both the secured and the pre-paid credit cards.

1. Secured Credit Cards

Positives- Getting a secure credit card account is highly affordable and easy way to start you on the path to building your credit. Secured credit cards assist in improving and rebuilding bad credit. This type of card acts just like a regular credit card.

Disadvantages- One of the major issues with this type of cards, is that in order to "secure" the card, you have to deposit anywhere from $200 to $300 when you apply. This can be a pretty hefty requirement. They also have much higher interest rates (15% and up), additional fees like annual fees that may cost about $50. This card, despite its minor setbacks, is a great option for those who want to rebuild their credit.

b.) Pre-Paid Credit Cards

Positives- The Pre-Paid credit cards come in great handy, because they allow you to be more free and flexible with YOUR money! This type of card looks exactly like a traditional credit card, and is used the same way. However, instead of the credit card company giving you a limit based on your financial position, these accounts have you "load" the card with your very own money (like a debit card). No worries, most people get approved for this type of card, despite any past credit problems.

Cons - If you are looking to rebuild or establish your credit however, beware. These cards may not report your repayment history to the credit bureaus. If the creditor does not report your account, this type of account will not help you improve your credit. By carefully selecting these cards, you can assure yourself that you receive the most bangs for your proverbial buck.

Please remember that Pre-Paid cards cannot be used in every situation. Hotel and car rental agencies, for example, may not let you use the pre-paid card to book a room or secure your rental. Just be sure to call in advance and ask about the company policy before you begin your booking.

Identity Theft Prevention and Identity Theft Protection are crucial. Stop Identity Theft with LifeLock. Life Lock can guarantee identity theft never happens to you. To learn more about how to protect yourself from identity thieves, visit - 32534

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The Easy Way to Steer Clear of Online Free Credit Report Scams

By William Wilkie

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a fairly up to date law that was approved by the government that allows every person to get a free credit report once a year. This law came about due to the worrying increase in I. D. theft. Your free credit reports are typically available by ordering them online, through a toll free number, or by mail and you can request your credit reports from all three of the credit reporting companies - Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

The Single Official Website for Ordering Your credit Report

You shouldn't have to worry about free credit report cons as the three credit reporting agencies have set-up an official web site,, where you can order your free credit report once each year. They also have a toll free number, 1-877-322-8228, and a mail address, 1-877-322-8228. You can print out the form from the FTC's web site at / credit.

Free Credit Report Scams

With this up to date law and the simplicity at which you can safely order your credit reports, there should be no free credit report tricks. Unfortunately, most of the people don't know about their rights and so they look on the internet for free credit reports. The ID thieves and tricksters have taken advantage of ignorant folks by building their own credit report internet sites to scam you.

These free credit report trick web sites normally charge you a little fee to get your credit reports when in fact they are in fact free. There are other fake credit report websites that will offer you free credit reports but they may ask you for private information like your SSID number or your credit card information.

Some of these scam sites will use this information to rob your identity and leave you with debts and other legal issues. Others, while not really illegal, will trick you into a free trial and then charge your credit card for a once per month charge after the free trial has finished. Please don't fall for these trick sites; use the official contact data above.

What to Keep an Eye Open For so You Don't Get Conned

Some of the con sites will try and trick you by trying a corresponding name to the official free credit report site; put simply they may register a site name terribly close to the official site. They do this in the hope that someone will make a typo while typing in the domain. Other trick sites will use the name "free credit scores", "free credit reports", or "free credit monitoring" in their domain names - they're possibly scams.

Other tricks involve the employment of e-mail or telephone. The tricksters will say that they are from either the site or from one of the 3 credit reporting companies. They are going to ask you for private info or they will direct you thru a link in the email to a bogus credit report site. Do not give out any personal information over the telephone unless you were the one who instituted the call, and don't click on any links in email from these type of free credit report offers. Also, be conscious of pop ups, when browsing the web, that offer you free credit reports.

Request Your Free Credit Reports

Do not forget to always request your credit reports by employing the official contact information above. The internet is a fabulous source of information but it is also home to some good for nothing con artists looking to make a fast buck. One reason to request your credit reports each year is to keep an eye peeled for any unusual activity that might mean you are a victim of ID theft. One more reason is to test your reports for any information that's wrong that would affect your credit history - you can and should try and increase your credit score. - 32534

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