Credit Report Monitoring: Why Do You Need It?

By Benedict Perez

One of the most popular ways to shop nowadays is through online. Ecommerce has truly brought the consumer's shopping experience to the next level. One can enjoy buying and canvassing products or avail services at the comfort of their homes. But as more and more people transact in the Internet, it has resulted to increased number of Internet fraud cases and identity theft. Personal data and information are being stolen so they can gain access to personal accounts. Such crimes can greatly affect your life and your future. That is why it is very important to have credit report monitoring as absolute protection against identity thieves.

What is credit report monitoring?

Credit report monitoring is the controlling and checking of credit history in order to detect and expose suspicious activities or changes that might be due to identity theft crimes. Using this kind of monitoring enables consumers to stay on track with their credits. It helps one realize the direction of their credits whether they are heading downwards or upwards.

What are the advantages of credit report monitoring?

It keeps you on the track. Whether you are a consumer who uses credit cards for purchasing goods or a business owner who is seeking more credit, it is critical that you monitor your credits. Also, most lending companies and employers are more careful when doing business with potential clients and employees, respectively. The credit report speaks the kind of character and of course, the credit situation an individual has. It tells whether one makes timely payments or if you have a bad credit history. The report even shows if one had suffered from bankruptcy before or already on the edge of bankruptcy.

Lets you know if there are any incorrect credit reports. A lot have already suffered from inaccurate reports and this is one good reason why you need to regularly monitor your credits. This erroneous information can bring negative on your part as it may affect your overall credit score.

It protects you from identity theft. Ecommerce and online shopping is quite popular these days as it makes shopping a lot easier and less hassle. But at the same time, it enables identity thieves to gain access to more victims. The task of monitoring programs is to thoroughly investigate any suspicious activities in your account. This may include changes in your credit limit, account information, address, inquiries and current account and public records.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Credit Report Monitoring Company

The first thing you need to know is where a particular credit monitoring provider receives information. Data from any of the 3 major credit card agencies is always the preferred choice. Second, you also need to know how frequent they monitor. This is important because frequent monitoring increases the odds of catching an identity theft. Third, you need to determine if there are other services offered by the company like frequency of the released reports and updates. Some may include identity theft insurance if in case they made a mistake or overlooked a thief. - 32534

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